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Two Ton Harley
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General Information
Season 1
Episode 3/38
Production Number 102
Original Airdate April 23, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Clark Mathis
Writer(s) Leo Chu and Eric S. Garcia
Viewers (millions) 2.8
Villain Two-Ton Harley
Episode Guide

Two Ton Harley is the third episode of Season One and of Supah Ninjas overall.


The ninjas learn that a villain dubbed Two Ton Harley escaped from prison and decide to go after him. At the scene, the man does nothing but wait for the police to catch him and bring him to prison. They soon learn that he let the police capture him to bring him to another prison to reunite with his old gang members. At the prison, Two Ton Harley and the motorcycle gang put the guards in cells. The Supah Ninjas think of a plan c and defeat him in the end.

Special Guest

Defeat by the Supah Ninjas

Two Ton Harley had several run-ins with the ninjas before finally being defeated. Their first encounter was after Harley had broken out of the first in a series of prisons, during which time he tried to rob a jewelry store. This first encounter had no fighting at all because Harley gave every impression of surrendering (because as noted he was trying to get arrested and put in a secure prison), and because the police were about to arrive on the scene.

The first encounter in which there was fighting was when Harley got midway through his plan, and was trying to rescue the rest of his friends. The ninjas were utterly defeated, with all of them sustaining bad injuries, and Owen having one of his Bo staffs broken. The ninjas struggled for a solution to become evenly matched with Harley, and Mike eventually came up with the idea of making their ninja suits inflatable so that they could become as big as Harley, and practically impossible to damage. After stealthily dropping Harley's friends who had been ordered to patrol the prison, the "Supah Phat Ninjas" (so named by Owen) used their artificial girth to continually ram into Harley to the point where he could no longer stand. Funnily, the only reason Owen was found able to escape was because Amanda popped his faulty inflatable suit and therefore allowed him to squeeze out through the skylight through which they came. Presumably Owen had to start using a new suit, as his first one was stretched beyond repair.