I did this on purpose. Think of this as a get out of jail free card.

— "Two Ton Harley (episode)"


Two Ton Harley is an antagonist in Supah Ninjas. He was in a biker gang and used to be skinny. When he got arrested, he kept escaping and getting caught on purpose so he'd be moved to the prison where his biker friends were. He gained a lot of weight too so he could fight and escape. When he finally did reunite with his friends and take out the guards the ninjas defeated him and his biker gang. Two Ton Harley returns in "Enter the Dojo". He was released from prison on accident by Quenton. He plans to use his stomach to get his biker game out of prison again. The ninjas with help form Martin defeat him.



His stomach can break down prison walls and escape. He's also a great fighter.


Two Ton Harley can not have actually weighed two tons, as determined by Amanda, but is certainly extraordinarily large. However, it is very surprising that Harley could gain the ability to snap steel, overpower security guards, and break through highly solid walls simply by accumulating fat. It is highly unlikely in the first place that anyone with any figure that is naturally developed could bust through a solid wall, but anyone who was to try would probably attribute it more to muscle than fat.

Physics aside, it is pretty strange that Harley is able to fight at all, because a comparison between his old and new figures combined with the knowledge that he never exercised while in prison makes one think that so much fat gleaned most likely from animal fats (which are among the least healthy) would lead to severe health problems such as heart disease. However, his impressive feats of strength may be due to the stored carbohydrates from his food, which provide him with massive amounts of energy just waiting to be expended.