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The Rhymer
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'Meet the first villain!'
General Information
Gender Male
Age 30s-40s
Family Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity African-American
Occupation Criminal
Status Alive
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Pilot

That is what's called a "soft rhyme," which is so not cool.

— "Pilot"

The Rhymer is a one-time villain in the Supah Ninjas series (portrayed by Kid "Christopher Reid" from house party), having appeared only in the Pilot, but is significant in that he is the first villain the Supah Ninjas have ever faced. The Rhymer plays the role of mastermind in a gang that tries to directly illicit money, by means such as robbing banks and kidnapping, which is how the Ninjas first came to face him: his kidnapping of Amanda with the knowledge that her parents were casino owners.

The Rhymer frequently tries to talk in rhymes, but is not what you might call an expert, because he was thrown off by the rhyming skills of Amanda. The Rhymer's main weapon is a scepter, which he used to narrowly escape the Ninjas by emitting a high-pitched sound wave to momentarily distract them. However, he typically relies on his three bodyguards for protection.

Relationships with Other Characters

Mike Fukanaga and Owen Reynolds

The Rhymer doesn't know these two party-crashing Ninjas by name, but he logically has an immediate hatred for them due to their attempts to stop him in his plot to gain ransom from the McKay family. He also made an attempt to murder Mike, Owen and Amanda by using a timed explosion, which failed.

Amanda McKay

The Rhymer tends to see Amanda as mainly a tool for his benefit, as his only interest in her is to ransom her for a huge amount. However, she becomes far more of a wrench in the works when she kicks him in the face and helps Mike and Owen fight off the bodyguards with her cheerleading skills. On top of that, the Rhymer was also annoyed and angered by her ability to come up with more rhymes that have an "eez" ending than him.


The Rhymer doesn't show anything of a huge amount of respect for his bodyguards, but must have some kind of attachment to them, as they are his weapons of destruction and his unquestioning protectors. At one point, he asked them for a rhyme for "victory," to which one of them said "hickory" (the only real rhyme for it), which he immediately proceeded to call an uncool "soft rhyme."


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