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The Con Man is the first episode of season two of Supah Ninjas. It aired on February 9, 2013.


The Ninjas learn that Conner is trying to get the Floating Sword after he tries to infiltrate the dojo. Amanda goes to fight Conner while Mike and Owen keep opening and closing wall doors. Mike then opens up the sewer and the smell leaks down into the dojo and the tunnels. The smell drives Conner out but the smell gets stuck in the dojo. After, the ninjas come up with a plan to use Hologramps to pretend to be his brother and tells him to meet him at the dojo but Connor will be meeting the ninjas instead. The ninjas and Conner fight and the ninjas win. Conner says that if he has the Floating Sword his Master can give his parents life again but Mike thinks this is fake. After Amanda and Owen eat cupcakes Mike throws the box for the cupcakes on the roof. They go in and Connor shows them he's on their side by fighting his teammates. Connor then reveals he is on the Ishina  team and then says that he farted on the cupcakes he gave the ninjas and Amanda says that he really is evil. They get into a fight and the ninjas win but they put Connor in one of the boxes to Madagascar and the end shows him getting pooped on by a bird.



  • The ninjas find out Connor is part of the Ishina.
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