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General Information
Season 2
Episode Spring Fling
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Original Airdate April 27, 2013
Episode Information
Director(s) Unknown
Writer(s) Unknown
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Villain Chop Shop
Episode Guide
"The Floating Sword (Episode)"

Spring Fling is an upcoming episode in season two of Supah Ninjas. It aired on April 27, 2013.


Flint asks Amanda to the Spring Fling right before Mike was about to; Mike must then team up with Flint to rescue Amanda when a gang of mobsters that are after Flint take her hostage; Amanda must decide if she is going to stay in Empire City or study in Paris. Amanda ends up staying in Empire City after Mike tells her he wants her to stay. The episode ends with Mike asking Amanda to dance and them dancing together.



  • Flint asks Amanda to the dance.
  • This is the last appearance of Flint Forster.
  • Mike gets to dance with Amanda at the end.
  • Owen asks Paloma to the dance.
  • Mike is jealous of Flint asking Amanda to the dance before him.
  • Amanda decides to stay in Empire city and continue to fight crime with Mike and Owen.