Control, alt, defeat!

— "Kickbutt"


Spencer, another student at Benjamin Rush, has a secret identity. He's Kickbutt, an internet sensation that defeats criminals. However he is in way over his head. He believes that he's a real superhero. The ninjas have to save him twice from almost getting killed by the House of the lords. He steals the money that they have stolen and uses it to by new computers for the school.  The ninjas tried to convince him not to be a superhero anymore because it was really dangerous. He says that he won't but at the end of the episode Kickbutt post another video saying "Until next time," meaning he's probably going to continue to try and fight bad guys. Spencer is a sweet and intelligent guy that just wants to be recognized and popular because normally no one pays attention to him and he is considered a huge nerd. He clearly has a crush on Amanda because he pretend saves her from Mike and Owen when they pretend to rob her. He also considers to stop being a superhero because of her. It is hinted that he becomes friends with Mike, Owen, and Amanda when he and two friends come to a pizza restraunt and sits with them.  


A golf club that he uses to swat at his enemy. He's not really good at using it and not good without it. This is because he is a fake superhero. 

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