General Information
Season 1
Episode 15/38
Production Number 122
Original Airdate October 10, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Alex Winter
Writer(s) Lisa Parsons
Viewers (millions) N/A
Villain Snakeskin
Episode Guide
"DJ Elephant Head"

Snakeskin is the fifteenth episode of Supah Ninjas, Season One.   


A evil woman (Snakeskin) steals a snake from the zoo and is caught by a security guard. She lashes him with a poisonous devil diamond snake and he sheds his skin. All the popular people except Amanda are invited to a pyramid party. Amanda, Mike, and Owen throw there own party.Kelly pulls some strings and gets Amanda invited to the pyramid party which is at the same time as the ninjas party. Mike is afraid his dad will catch him having a party. Amanda attends both parties while the other ninjas discover there counselor, Ms. Scott, who is mean to the popular kids is snakeskin. Snakeskin comes in the pyramid party and hits the queen bee with a snake and she leaves a bomb with venom in it at the party. Amanda tells the ninjas through text and they meet her at the party and they all fight snakeskin on the roof. Snakeskin is defeated and the venom is thrown off the roof. Amanda decides to go to Mike and Owens party instead of staying at the pyramid party. Mikes father comes in and bust the party but starts to do the saltine challenge with everyone instead of getting mad.


Owen: Snakeskin stole Ms. Scott's necklace!...Snakeskin is Ms. Scott!!!


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