You're shedding your skin, dear, which is fitting, since you're so superficial.

— "Snakeskin"

General Information
Gender Female
Age 23-25
Family Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Villian
Status Alive; possibly in jail
First Appearance "Snakeskin"
Last Appearance "Snakeskin"

Snakeskin is an evil villain that uses poisonous snake venom to torture others. She comes to the pyramid party which is a party for all the popular people at Benjamin Rush and uses the venom on the most popular girl there. She doesn't like popular people due to the fact that when she was younger she was picked on by the popular kids. Snakeskin is actually Ms. Scott who Owen is attracted too and is their guidance counselor. Miss. Scott is mean toward the more popular people during school hours like Amanda and Kelly but when she realizes that Amanda isn't invited to the pyramid party and isn't that type she is nicer towards her. Snakeskin eventually is defeated by Amanda and the ninjas when Amanda throws the bomb off the roof that is full of poisonous snake venom.  She wanted to use it to get revenge on all the popular people that treated everyone else with disrespect as well. The ninjas then tir her up at the end and is unknown whether she gets taken to jail.

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