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General Information
Season 2
Episode Shadow Fly
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Original Airdate February 23, 2013
Episode Information
Director(s) Unknown
Writer(s) Unknown
Viewers (millions)
Villain Shadow Fly
Episode Guide
"Flint Forster"
"Grounded Ninja"

Shadow Fly is the third episode of Season 2 of Supah Ninjas. It aired on February 23, 2013.


After a picture of Owen as a ninja gets released, a boy named Leroy Fly claims he is the ninja that saves the town every day. Owen becomes mad that Leroy is making lots of money off the fact that people think he is the ninja. Owen confronts him and warns him to tell everyone he's not a ninja. Leroy tricks the ninjas into believing that he is kidnapped. They try to save him but he captures all of them except Mike. They eventually battle and defeat Leroy. After that, everyone finds out that Leroy is not a ninja.



Owen starts to take interest in Paloma.