Quinton is a smart student who likes chicken fingers. He first appears in the episode "Kid Q,". Owen and him become partners in the science fair. Owen can't remember his name so he calls him kid Q for short. Quinton is "Friends" with Owen. Quinton is soon kidnapped by the ninjas and has to fix there dojo.The ninjas reveal their identities to him.
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Owen Reynolds- Good Friend

He helps Owen make a machine to drink then dispose soda so Owen can get a new jacket in the episode" The Ishina Strike Back ".  While being taken by the ninjas, he learns that Owen is a ninja along with his friends, Mike and Amanda. He lets Two Ton Harley out of prison but the ninjas later defeat him. Quentin is forgiven by Owen and the ninjas when he repairs Yamato and fixes Holograms.

Two Ton Harley-

He accidentally lets Two Ton Harley out of prison while fixing the dojo. Quentin was horrified to see him while the giant villain was glad to be free and plans to free his biker gang again.

Amanda McKay- Good Friend

Quentin finds Amanda pretty in Finding Forster when she is about to put on her mask so she can go see Flint Forster

Mike Fukanaga- Good Friend

Quentin helped Mike get hologramps back. He also helped Mike and the other ninjas repair their dojo and get yamato back.


After fixing Yamato in Enter the Dojo, Quentin becomes good friends with him. While repairing the dojo, he and Yamato wanted to now call the dojo, "Brojo." They seem to have strange friendship with each other but consider each other as friends.


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