Paloma Peru







Paloma Peru is the school reporter who is introduced in "Shadow Fly,". Paloma tells the ninjas about the picture taken of a ninja who is really Owen. Owen seems to have a crush on her. Amanda states that she could be a problem in the future when she states that she wants to know more about the ninja's.


Paloma always wants the latest scoop and information. She is willing and curious to risk her health to get it. She is shy when
it comes to flirting with Owen. She has a pet Monkey and likes to eat lasagna.


  • Amanda McKay - Paloma seems well acquainted with Amanda. In the episode Shadow Fly, she comes up to Amanda with news about the a ninja.
  • Owen Reynolds - Owen is usually flirting with her when their together. They could have a possible crush on each other. Paloma always seems to be a little shy around him. This is proven in Wallflower when they begin to date each other. She was still investigating on the ninjas in Mayhem. After hearing what Owen said to her, she doesn't want to be that kind of reporter she thought she wanted to be. So she decides to makes a video on why the ninjas don't want to reveal their identities and why they're on the good side of the city.
  • Mike FukanagaPaloma and Mike never say much to each other. Paloma knows him as neckalce boy.