Morningstar Academy
Morningstar Academy
General Information
Season 1
Episode 13/38
Production Number 113
Original Airdate September 24, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Jon Rosenbaum
Writer(s) Lisa Parsons
Viewers (millions) 2.3
Villain Morningstar Academy
Episode Guide
"The Magnificent"
"DJ Elephant Head"

Morningstar Academy is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 and of Supah Ninjas overall.


The episode begins with two men loading an armed truck. Then a girl called Clarissa says she has a flat tire. The men offer to help. Clarissa suddenly knocks them out by kicking them. Then Ms. Morningstar and the other girls (Bethany and Fiona) show up and steal acid from the truck.

Cameron arrives at school and meets Amanda. He suggests to skip school and go to the beach instead but she refuses. Cameron says she is kind of predictable and doesn't have a wild side. Amanda disagrees by saying she does have a wild side. The guys show up, overhearing the conversation and question it. She wonders if Cameron would think she is spontaneous if he knew she was a ninja.

Amanda goes on about being spontaneous. But Mike and Owen agree with Cameron. They say that she always taps her foot when about to hit someone, which she starts doing as a habit. The guys realize this and step away from her. Meanwhile, Mike starts to sneeze and Owen asks if he is alright. Hologramps says that everybody is a little predictable, but in battle they will lead themselves into a trap.

The next day, Amanda's class is on a field trip to the Mint. Amanda's friend Kelly is upset that there isn't a cute guy from another school there and just a bunch of snotty prep school girls. She and Clarissa then argue.

Mike is in bed at home feeling sick. Owen arrives with a few stuff to help him feel better. Martin is sick as well. Martin sees Owen and asks him to read him a book to him in a tub so he doesn't fall asleep.

Back at The Mint, Amanda decides to stray from the group with Cameron to make him think she is spontaneous. Then suddenly, an alarm goes off and the two see Ms. Morningstar and her girls attack and holding down students and guards. The guide tries to call for backup but a bangle is trown and cuts his bluetooth. The couple hides. Cam wants to reason with the girls. Amanda tries to stop him. She drops her bag for Cam to pick it up, and uses a door to knock him out and drag him in a closet.

Meanwhile, Owen becomes a servant to Mike and Martin. Amanda calls Mike. Owen takes the phone and receives info about the crime taking place.

Amanda knocks out a janitor and takes a disguise. She sees one of the girls (Fiona), who starts to attack her. They fight for a while. Amanda defeats her and takes a bangle and takes a picture.

Mike and Owen are at the mint, crawling through the air vent due to the building being surrounded by police and being on lock-down. He calls Amanda and gives her information on Morningstar Academy. Amanda looks at security videos and can not find one of the girls. She is then knocked out by a girl. Owen, who lost contact with Amanda, thinks they may be in trouble and and Mike says its worse because he has to use the bathroom because he had too much juice.

The two are now lost in the vents. They see Clarissa and she hears them. Mike sneezes and she uses her staffs to pierce the vents, one of which sticks Owen's nose. The girls meet up and pour the acid stolen earlier on the ground for escape via the sewers. They reveal they came for printing plates to make their own money. Amanda uses the bangle to cut the ropes she is tied to and begins to fight Fiona. Amanda defeats her and disguises herself as Fiona.

Mike and Owen see Amanda in disguise and attack her. Amanda gets an idea. She goes to Ms. Morningstar, saying she found a ninja. Mike tackles the other girl and helps Owen fight Ms. Morningstar. Now, Clarissa and Amanda fight intensely. They exchange insults. Clarissa calls Amanda blonde, dumb and predictable. Amanda gets offended and beats her.

Owen and Mike are fighting Ms. Morningstar when Amanda comes for assistance. She is tied by the foot by Ms. Morningtar's chain and is tripped. She grabs the acid and throws it on a storage on a storage shelf. It collapses on Ms. Morningstar due to corrosion.

The next day at school, Owen has caught Mike and Martin's cold. Mike arrives and is feeling much better. Owen then uses a bell app whick Mike and his dad used the day before. He makes Mike carry his jacket, bag and books. He then he says he needs an orange juice.

Cameron and Amanda are talking with Cameron thinking he was knocked out by one of the girls. Cameron suggests the skip school and go to the movies and Amanda refuses again. Then he says that Amanda was cool when they ditched. Amanda asks if he thinks she is not spontaneous. She says there is a whole other side of her that is spontaneous that he can never find about. Amanda then breaks up with him because she can't be with someone who doesn't accept that she doesn't always reveal her wild side.


Clarissa: This is a stick up.


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