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A ninja must do what is right. This Is my destiny.

— Mike to Hologramps.

Mike Fukanaga
General Information
Gender Male
Age 15
Family Martin Fukanaga (father)
Connor (cousin)
Hologramps (grandfather)(deceased)
Kagema Fukanaga (great uncle)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity Asian (Japanese)
Occupation High school student; ninja
Status Unknown
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance The Floating Sword

Michael "Mike" Fukanaga is one of the three ninjas. He is the main protagonist in the Supah Ninjas series. Mike is portrayed by Ryan Potter.

Early life

Characteristics and abilities

Mike has always had low self-esteem, never coming off as or seeing himself as what you might call a "winner." However, his outlook and new confidence has improved significantly since he became the leader of the self-named "Supah Ninjas." Mike very antisocial, often trying to cover up for himself by laughing, or making weak attempts at jokes, and he has never been in any way considered popular. In fact, his friends regard him as being the nerdiest of the group, being a big fan of science fiction, comics and action figures, and even having learned Clyngonese (from Star Trek). Mike's most impressive skill is, obviously, martial arts, with reflexes that are regarded by most as a remarkable phenomenon. He is also very skilled with a pair of nunchucks, having been seen using only that and shurikens (his most impressive shuriken being hidden in the medallion he unceasingly wears around his neck). In Cousin Connor, it was shown that he is very skilled with a sword while he was fighting Connor.


Owen Reynolds

Best Friend/Partner in Crime/Classmates

Mike and Owen

Ever since childhood, Mike and Owen have been best friends. Examples include the fact that they had a magic act ("The Great Owenini and Friend"), most likely before they were ten, and also the fact that Owen only became a ninja because of Mike's pleading with his grandfather. Owen also knows many embarrassing facts about Mike which proves their long lasting friendship. Although Mike is frequently annoyed by Owens comedic and spontaneous nature, he typically tries to motivate Mike. He even knows that Mike has a crush on Amanda. Owen is like a wingman for Mike since he always tries pushing him to ask out Amanda. They are the best of buds even though in the episode Cousin Connor Connor hints out Amanda and Owen may have feelings for each other.



Mike has never typically shown a particular liking for Cameron, which is most likely because Amanda has shown a romantic interest in him, and they had been dating up until a recent episode. Oddly enough, Cameron does not sense the negative vibes from Mike and therefore treats him as a good friend. Another reason Mike isn't fond of Cameron is because Cameron doesn't tend to see him as any type of romantic competition involving Amanda, indicated when he asked Mike whether or not Amanda was attracted to Owen.

Julie Devero


Julie is a character not often heard of, but is a verifiable romantic interest for Mike. After Mike accepted Cameron and Amanda's dating, he quickly proceeded to ask Julie out after her saying, "Hi, Mike," which is really the most romantic thing a girl had ever said to him. Since then, the two have bonded over a love of comics but have not yet dated, even though Mike successfully asked her because of not knowing that Amanda had broken up with Cameron. They went on their first date in "Frostbite" and she kissed him. Their relationship ended when she moved away in "Flint Forster,". Mike was devastated by her moving away but got over it and pursued his long time crush on Amanda.



Connor is seen by Mike the way he is seen by everyone else, as a creepy, strange, nerdy kid, which may very well be just a front, since he is the known active leader of the Ishina. However, Mike is usually the first to recommend any sort of niceness for his cousin, because grandfather pointed out the need to be," more patient with Connor. After all, he is the grandson of my beloved sister, Akemo." Mike and Connor fight once in the season one finale for the floating sword. Connor doesn't get it though. The second time is in "The Floating Sword" when they find it in a museum. Mike takes it away from Connor and they seem to be on okay and get along on certain terms.

Flint Forster


Mike does not like Flint because he is a thief and sees him as competition since he has a crush on Amanda. Mike also considers Flint an enemy because Amanda had a crush on him, but later on in the series it is clear that Amanda is over Flint. Mike also doesn't like or trust Flint because he escaped the ninjas twice. Although the second time, Mike let Flint go because Flint saved his life and also because of Amanda. Mike and Flint don't get along and both want Amanda to date them.