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Owen and Mike in Cheer Fever

Mike: You know there are male cheerleaders right?
Owen: This would be new information...

Owen and Mike are currently best friends and always have since yound childhood.Sometimes Owen will find Mike annoying and Mike willl motivate him.

Mike's Opinion of Owen

Mike likes Owen and gets along with him but he can be a bit annoyed with him like in The Subsiders,when Owen joined the Subsiders and thought he was not his friend no more.

Owen's Opinion of Mike

Owen finds Mike okay but at times he thought he could be annoying like when he was the servant for him and his dad but he does like Mike as a friend.


Season 1


  • Owen goes with Mike into the secret underground dojo.
  • They both rescue Amanda.
  • Owen knows many embarrassing facts about Mike.


  • Mike was worried when Owen got kidnapped by The Subsiders.

Morningstar Academy

  • Owen agreed to look after Mike (And his Dad)
  • Mike depends on Owen to take care of him.

Season 2