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Mike and Amanda are currently close friends. This is currently the only canon almost-relationship on the show.

Mike's Opinion of Amanda

Mike has an obvious crush on Amanda.

In Pilot Mike tells his Grandpa that he must save Amanda and not let anything happen to her.

In Dollhouse, Mike gets jealous of Amanda spending so much time with Cameron. He tries to make excuses for why she should stay behind instead of attend the rally at the basketball game then pizza with Cameron. He tells Amanda, under the control of a puppeteer-like collar, that he has always liked her since they were in 5th grade as they dance to a slow song. But to his dismay, Amanda isn't in her right state of mind since is was a doll. She does not remember her identity or recognize Mike and simply tells him that she's never had a ninja boyfriend before. Before he goes to battle against Dollhouse, she tells him that she thinks they would be great together while he tries to tell her that this isn't real. At the end, he accepts the fact that he has to move on and let Amanda go.

At the end of the episode Komodo, he is about to tell Amanda his feelings but watches as she walks past him with Cameron, holding hands. He then proceeds to hit his head on his locker door while Owen tries to comfort him.

It is seen that Mike cares an awful lot about her, and doesn't want her to get hurt. Mike also becomes jealous after she spends time with Flint on the episode "Flint Forster". Mike and Amanda start to show more feelings for each other in "Grounded Ninja,".

In "Spring Fling," He askes her to stay and be a ninja with him. This is his way of kind of telling her how he feels. At the end of the episode they dance together. Also in "The Floating Sword," He tells her that he doesn't know how he did the blast from his hand but all he thought of in that moment was not losing her.


Amanda's Opinion of Mike

There are some hints that Amanda might possibly have feelings for Mike. In pilot Kelly asks Amanda if she likes him but she said no; however, she knows alot about him and says that there is something interesting about him.  In Katara, Amanda gives Mike a decoy kiss to prevent Katara from seeing them search her purse. She then says it seemed like the only option, however she could have done something else, hinting that she might have wanted to kiss Mike. And at the end of the episode,when Amanda brings up the kiss she seems upset after Mike says it was 'Just Business'. In  "Ninja Intervention," Amanda seems to like that Mikes favorite villain was Katara. It is infered that she liked that because they got to kiss in that episode. In "Grounded Ninja" she shows how much she cares for Mike. She asks Mike to text her later and to get home safely. She also tells Owen that she feels like her and Mike are becoming more than friends, but then tells him she was joking. She pauses and shakes her head before leaving, hinting that she might not have been lying. She seems to be developing a crush on Mike because she starts smiles and stares at Mike and Owen hints that she is doing it a lot lately in "The Floating Sword,".

Possible Pairing Names

Using Their First Names

Mikanda (Mik/e and Am/anda)

Minda (Mi/ke and Ama/nda)

Amke (Mi/ke and Am/anda)

Using Their Last Names

Fukkay (Fuk/anaga and Mc/'Kay)

Combining Their First and Last Names

Mikkay (Mik/e and Mc/Kay)

Amanaga (Fukan/aga and Aman/da)


Season 1


  • Amanda kisses Mike when Katara comes through the door. She later says that it seemed like the only option.
  • At the end, when Mike says it was just business, she replied sadly, "yeah...just business."
  • Amanda is comforting Mike about his dad dating Katara.


  • Amanda and Mike stand in a pose to attack the Subsiders.
  • When Owen throws Mike over the edge of the building, Amanda screams, "NOOOO!" and runs across to see if he was okay. Showing that she cares a lot about him.

Mr. Bradford

  • Mike holds Amanda close in the janitor's closet, telling her to hold on.
  • When they came out of the closet, Amanda grabs Mike's arm and thanks him, looks him in the eyes, and smiles.
  • Mike and Amanda look at each other and smile.
  • When Mike and Amanda go to find Connor, Owen follows smiling because he knows they like each other.

Mike and Amanda from "Mr Bradford"


  • In the beginning of the episode, Mike is jealous that Amanda is flirting with Cameron
  • Mike spies on Amanda and Cameron at the party because "he has a bad feeling about Cameron". Owen tells him it's jealousy.
  • At the end of the episode, Mike tells Owen that he has decided to tell Amanda how he really feels, life is too short. But when he sees a smiling Amanda and Cameron walking hand in hand, he almost cries and bangs his head on the lockers.
  • Mike says that Amanda is prettier than all of the girls at the party. Amanda then stares at him lovingly.
  • Mike is jealous of Cameron.
  • Amanda thanks Mike for saving her.


  • Amanda calls Mike cute.
  • Amanda asks Mike if he will be her boyfriend.
  • Amanda and Mike slow dance, and Amanda puts her head on his shoulder.
  • Mike admits to Amanda that he "has been crazy about her since the 5th grade".
  • All this was when Amanda was being controlled by dollhouse though.


  • Amanda asks Mike about his "Intergalactic Con" shirt. When he tells her that it's a convention that will be held this Saturday, he asks if she will come with him and his dad.
  • Although Amanda says that "Si-fi" is not her thing, but she keeps asking Mike about the Intergalactic Convention.
  • Amanda seems jealous when Julie and Mike fistbump. She questions who she is, asking if Julie likes "Si-Cons", probably jealous that Mike and Julie have something in common.
  • Amanda and Mike dress up as Pletinous and Electornia, the space couple.
  • Mike is jealous when Amanda flirts with Mr. Amazing and tells him to get lost and stay away from Amanda.
  • Amanda asks about the story of Pletinous and Petinous. Mike (implying himself and Amanda) says that Petinous was in love with Electornia but Petinous had no clue. Amanda asks why Pletinous didn't tell Electornia how he felt, and Mike replies that Electornia was sucked into the blackhole, and Pletinous went in with her because he would never let her go. Amanda says that that must have been one special guy, and Mike replied that it was one special girl (implying Amanda). They had a small moment smiling at each other.
  • Mike and Amanda are both jumping on trains.
  • When Amanda falls he holds her with both hands.
  • Amanda tells Mike to save himself, but Mike yells that he will never let her go (referencing to Pletinous and Electornia)
  • When Owen pulls both of them to safety, Amanda was holding on to Mike's shoulders with both hands and smiling. Mike turned to Amanda and smiled at her.
  • In the end, Mike says that he will never let her go (referencing to Pletinous and Electornia, and the incindent on the train.)

IMG 0050.jpg

  • Amanda is jealous of Mike and Julie.


  • Amanda tells Mike the different things girls do if they like a guy, like touching their shoulder=just friends, the arm=likes you a little, or the hand=she really likes you.
  • She then tells him to pretend that she is Julie and he then starts expressing his feeling toward Amanda instead of Julie. When he is done, Amanda touches his hand and they both look down, Amanda then runs off nervously.
  • Most likely Amanda starts to have feelings for Mike once again.

Ninja Intervention

  • Mike says that his favorite mission is Katara and Amanda says, "Really?" and he answers, "Yep."
  • Then they look into each other's eyes and smile, thinking back to the kiss.

Cousin Connor

  • Mike gets jealous when Connor tells him that Owen and Amanda have a thing for each other.
  • Owen tells Mike (in front of Amanda) that he would never do that to him knowing how he feels about her.
  • Amanda is stunned and then says what do you mean how he feels about me he goes out with Julie remember?
  • When Owen almost gives away Mike's secret crush on Amanda in front of her he acts very nervous.

Season 2

The Con Man

  • Mike asked where Amanda was after he opened the sewers.  

  • He and Amanda spent the entire night  together searching the city for Connor.
  • He tells Amanda that it was "magical, seeing the beautiful stars with you," then quickly stutters and says he meant it in a "professional, ninja way."
  • After Mike tries to cover up, Amanda looks at him quizzically.  
  • Mike's excuse for not noticing Owen was that he was distracted, possibly by Amanda.  

  • Owen hints at Mike's feelings for Amanda, saying, "yeah, those stars can be very distracting." 

  • After the trap is released, Mike says to Owen, "You could've killed us! Referring to him and Amanda.   


Grounded Ninja

  • Mike and Amanda smile at each other a lot
  • Mike tells Amanda he likes being with her and Amanda says she does too.
  • Amanda tells Mike to text her when he gets home
  • Amanda tells Owen that she feels like her and Mike are becoming more than friends but then claims she was lying.
  • As she walks away she pauses and shakes her head, indicating that she was not really lying.

Cheer Fever

  • Mike with Amanda on his back.


  • Mike aand Amanda try out for their favorite TV show together.

Flint Forster (episode)

  • Mike is jealous of Amanda and Flint.

Finding Forster

  • Mike cares about Amanda hanging out with Flint.

Spring Fling

  • Mike gets to dance with Amanda at the end.
  • Mike and Flint fight of Amanda.
  • Mike is jealous of Flint asking Amanda to the dance.

The Floating Sword (Episode)

  • Mike saves Amanda at the museum and said that he knew nothing could happen to her.
  • Amanda is staring at Mike several times in this episode.

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