You have done well, my children.

— "Mechanov"

IMG 0895

Mechnov in his cyborg uniform

Mechanov was one of Mike's grandfather's enemies. He believed that humans were better when they were half computer. He rescued his kids from a explosion and turned them into cyborgs to save their lives. Their names are Buzzsaw and Optic. While fighting Mike's grandfather  his lab exploded and everyone thought he was dead. He wasn't though. He was in a coma. Buzzsaw and Optic used purple diamonds to make a machine to put their father in so he won't die. The ninjas defeat his children and almost defeated Mechanov but Mike's father determined to save Mike and himself defeats Mechanov.

IMG 0897

Mechanov before he was in his cyborg costume

IMG 0896

Mechanov and his half human half cyborg children Buzzsaw and Optic

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