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General Information
Season 1
Episode 19/38
Production Number 114
Original Airdate November 12, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) David Jackson
Writer(s) David Ihlenfeld and David Wright
Viewers (millions) 2.3
Villain Mechanov
Episode Guide

Mechanov is the ninteenth episode of Season 1.


Mike goes on a police ride-along with his dad. A villainous brother (Dennis Keiffer) and sister (Danielle Burgio) duo find magnetic parts around the city to bring their dying father (Curt Lowens) back to life as a cyborg.


  • There is some evidence to prove that this episode might be out of order.
    • At the ended of this episode Martin tells Mike he thinks there is a band of vigilante ninjas, even though in the episode "Jelly Face" Martin sees Mike and the gang save him from Jelly Face.
    • Also, in the episode "Inshina" Owen states that they have faced two cyborgs, even though that episode came out before this one.


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