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General Information
Season 2
Episode Mayhem
Production Number 210
Original Airdate April 20, 2013
Episode Information
Director(s) Dave Payne
Writer(s) Josh Silverstein and Lanny Horn
Viewers (millions) 1.2
Villain M@yhem
Episode Guide
"Spring Fling"

M@yhem  is an episode in season two of Supah Ninjas. It is scheduled to air April 20, 2013.


The Ninjas investigate a social media star who uses flash mobs to incite chaos. This group is known as Mayhem. While this happens Owen and Paloma grow closer and the ninjas think that this is bad because Paloma is investigating the ninjas and trying to find out who they are. Paloma begins to post untrue information. Owen becomes upset with her. The ninjas track down Mayhem and reach their base. Mayhem turns out to be a bunch of internet kids who were bullied on the internet because they epic failed or were bad at something. One person in Mayhem is Rebecca Blue (Sang Friday song). The ninjas can't handle Mayhem all at once so they are tied up. Paloma comes to the base to try to stop Mayhem. She acts like she wants to reveal the ninjas identity, but after hearing what Owen said to her before she doesn't want to anymore. She distracts Mayhem so that the ninjas can free themselves. The ninjas are able to defeat Mayhem and leave without revealing their identities. Afterwards, Paloma makes a video about why the ninjas identities should not be revealed, and why they are on the good side of fighting crime. After seeing the video Paloma made, Amanda and Mike tell Owen that they were wrong about Paloma and that they were sorry.[1]