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Main Characters

This is a List of Characters from Supah Ninjas

Main Characters

  • Ryan Potter as Mike Fukanaga, is the main protagonist in Supah Ninjas. Quiet and a little shy, having never quite realized his potential. It is informed in Pilot that he has a third nipple and wrote a fan letter to Justin Bieber. He says he is part of a Star Wars collectibles club and chess club too. He discovers a secret underground dojo, where a hologram of his Grandfather awaits to train him in the ways of the Ninja. Mike discovers he is from a long family line of Ninjas, and ultimately learns about leadership, friendship, and romance while saving Empire City from villains.
  • Carlos Knight as Owen Reynolds, Mike's long time best friend, partner, and fellow-Supah Ninja. A bit eccentric, Owen has a tendency to overreact, but is a powerful warrior noneless. He usually tries encourage Mike to do things his shyness would not permit him to do, mainly by threatening to reveal embarrassing secrets about him to the public. Foe example, sleeping with a ladybug night light, writing a fan letter to Justin Bieber, etc. When asked by Mike how he knows all these embarrassing facts about him, Owen states every fact about him is embarrassing.
  • Gracie Dzienny as Amanda McKay, Mike's long time crush. She is a cheerleader, and when she is kidnapped by The Rhymer, the Supah Ninjas come to her rescue. When she discovers who her rescuers are, she requests to join them, becoming the third member of the group. Her family is wealthy, and are the owners of McKay Casinos. She is a fearless ninja with a hunger for adventure.

Recurring Characters

  • George Takei as Grandpa "Hologramps" Fukanaga, is the sensei of the Supah Ninjas and Mike's deceased grandfather. A hologram carrying the family ninja legacy, he guides the Supah Ninjas and trains them in an underground high-tech dojo.
  • Randall Park as Martin Fukanaga, Mike's father is unaware of Mike being a ninja and treats Mike like a kid most of the time.
  • Giselle Bonilla as Kelly, Amanda's Friend who doesn't know why she always hangs out with Mike and Owen. Even though Owen has a crush on her, she has no interest in him. In Detention, it was revealed that she has a soft side.
  • Victory Van Tuyl as Julie, Mike's classmate and possible new love interest. She broke up with Mike when she moved away in Flint Forster.
  • Matthew Gumley as Quinton, is a nerd who befriends Owen in Kid Q.