Kylee Coors
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General Information
Gender Female
Age 13-14
Family Unknown
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Student, juvenile delinquent, cheerleader
Status Alive
First Appearance "Cheer Fever"
Last Appearance "Cheer Fever"

Kylie Coors is another enemy of the Supah Ninjas, namely Amanda. She is portrayed by Ciara Bravo from Big Time Rush.


Kylee use to go to cheer camp with Amanda. She stole $10,000 from cheer camp fundraiser. Amanda found out and told the coaches. Kylee was sent to juvenile hall. She later returns and is named the cheerleader captain of another school with two other ex-delinquents.

Spirit Week

Kylee goes to Benjamin Rush during Spirit Week. She pretends to be nice to mess with Amanda's head. She eventually tricks Amanda to coming to the tunnels. She puts blueprints in Amanda's locker so it can look like she tried to blow up the gym when it really was Kylee. She is defeated later by Amanda.



Kylee comes across as a 13 to 14 year old girl. She has long brunette hair, brown eyes and wears a Benjamin Franklin cheerleader uniform, which is royal blue, yellow and white. She also wears white long socks and white trainer shoes.


  • Amanda's actress and Kylee's actress are actually best friends in real life. (Ciara Bravo and Gracie Dizenny)
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