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General Information
Season 1
Episode 7/38
Production Number 107
Original Airdate June 4, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Paul Shapiro
Writer(s) Lisa Parsons
Viewers (millions) Unknown
Villain Komodo
Episode Guide
"Mr. Bradford"
"Jelly Face"

Komodo is the seventh episode of Season 1 and of Supah Ninjas overall.


Mike and Owen are dropped off by Martin in his police car, publicly embarrassing the pair. A new guy rolls up on his motorcycle and recites the formula for the Pythagorean Theorem to Amanda, who recognizes him as Cameron. He announces that he's moved back to Empire City after attending a boring all-male boarding school in London. Immediately, Mike takes an instant disliking to Cameron. During practice, Amanda talks excitedly to Kelly about her possible, reemerging feelings for Cameron while Mike tries to bring order back to the training. Hologramps cuts off her call with Yamato's help and advises her to act now or regret never doing anything. Later, while staking out a set of apartment buildings owned by Cameron's father, Amanda asks the boys for advice and Mike tries to steer the conversation clear of Cameron. A dragon masked figure named Komodo emerges from the building and blasts fire at the trio, forcing them to retreat.

The next day, Mike, Amanda, and Owen are invited to Cameron's party at the Inferno Nightclub as VIPs. Mike tells Owen to go and enjoy himself but refuses to attend. At the party, Amanda struggles to gather the courage to talk to Cameron about her feelings while Owen tries to talk sense into Mike, who has dressed in his ninja gear, to spy on Cameron, suspicious that he may be Komodo. Mike grabs Amanda's attention and points out that the attacks on the buildings owned by Cameron's father started in London, where Cameron attending boarding school, the nightclub name refers to fire, like Komodo, and the fact that Cameron admits his dislike of his father. Amanda, in denial, walks away and tries to run after Cameron but misses him as he zips away on his motorcycle for something important.

Mike, Owen, and Amanda track down Cameron to his father's corporate office where an eco-terrorist holds him and Cameron hostage. The ninjas confront the eco-terrorist who reveals he is Komodo. At first, the ninjas struggle to attack until Mike realizes that it takes 3 seconds for Komodo to reload after every fire shot, and uses this to his advantage. In the scuffle, Mike saves Cameron from getting hit by Komodo's fire, for Amanda's sake.

The next day, Mike realizes that Hologramps had a point and decides to finally tell Amanda how he feels about her. His hopes are dashed when Amanda walks down the hall with Cameron holding hands.



  • This episode aired along with Jelly Face in a one hour special.
  • Mike wants to tell Amanda his feelings but decides not too.
  • Amanda starts dating Cameron.
  • Mike Is jealous of Cameron.
  • Mike decides to spy on Amanda at the party due to his jealousy of Cameron.
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