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Kagema is the mysterious twin brother of Hologramps. He is the leader of the Ishina clan, and trying to bring down the Fukanaga clan. He is looking for the floating sword. He has a robot that he plans to unleash on the ninjas as soon as he finds the floating sword.

Many years ago, Kagema betrayed his family. Although it is not known how. Kagema has a special power. In "Cousin Connor" He takes Connor and mysteriously flies home. 

He betrays his family but is unknown how. His betrayal leads to his hate towards his twin, and the leadership of the Ishina clan.

Like Hologramps, Kagema is very intellegent. He can sense hidden details. For example, Kagema angrily scolded Connor after finding out that Connor led Mike, Owen, and Amanda to the Ishina hideout by bringing Mike's cellphone that has a GPS.

In the episode "The Ishina Strike Back" He destroys the dojo because his brother will not tell him where the floating sword is.

Physical Appearance

Since Kagema is the identical twin of Hologramps, they look very similar. Mike, Owen, and Amanda first believe
Kagema Fukanaga
that Kagema is Hologramps, when they first see him.

Yet, there is one difference between the twins. While Hologramps has no battle scars, Kagema has a scar on his left cheek, running from his cheekbone, to the middle of his cheek. He got it from a battle before Mikes grandfather died. He got it trying to get the floating sword.

Also, clearly, Kagema is not a hologram.

Kagema prefers to wear a black suit, a black button-up shirt, with a violet tie instead of wearing the whole kimono set.


Cousin Connor

"You just got Conn

-Cousin Connor to Mike

Connor is Kagema and Hologramps' great nephew, grandson of Kagema and Hologramps's sister.

Connor is also the co-leader of the Ishina clan. He goes in disguise as Mike's annoying cousin, host of his unfamous webcast, Conn'd. It is unknown if he really does have asthma, or if it is just a hoax to make him look like a helpless boy.

Mike Fukanaga

"Connor must
have taken it in our battle."

-Mike on Connor's theft

Mike is another great nephew of Kagema, grandson of Hologramps.

Unlike Connor, Mike is part of the Fukanaga clan, enemy of the Ishina clan. Mike is also the current Floating Sword protector.

Mike does not find out about Kagema until him, Owen, and Amanda see Kagema infront of Connor and some Ishina ninjas, thinking it was really Hologramps.


"He betrayed our family a long time ago."

-Hologramps on Kagema

Hologramps is Kagema's twin brother.

He is the leader of the Fukanaga clan. In his earlier years, Hologramps protected the Floating Sword, from enemy ninjas.

The two brothers haven't confronted eachother for many years, after Kagema's betrayal.

In The Floating Sword (Episode), it was known that Kagema got his scar from his brother during a fight for the floating sword.

Martin Fukanaga

"Who are you

-Martin to Mike

Martin is Kagema's nephew, son of Hologramps.

He is a full-time police officer, instead of a ninja, constantly bringing work home. After saving the mayor with Mike, Owen, and Amanda, he searches for more information about ninjas. Later on, when Martin, Mike, Owen, and Amanda meet, Martin needing help, Connor and many Ishina ninjas ambush their contact. While Mike helps his father to safety, Connor calls the Ishina ninjas off, and they escape.

It is unknown if Martin knows much of his uncle, but it sure seems like he doesn't.


Season 1


George Takei plays both the roles of Kagema and Hologramps.

Season 2