Julie Deverro
Julie Supah Ninjas





Former Love Interest

Mike Fukanaga

 Julie is a smart girl who is also into comics seen in the episode "X " when her and Mike go to a comic book convention. Julie and Mike seem to have a lot of common interests. Julie is a classmate of Mike Fukanaga's introduced in the episode "Dollhouse". She is portrayed by Victory Van Tuyl.  


Season 1

It is hinted at the end of Dollhouse that she might be interested in Mike as she brightly greets him while reading a comic. She acts patient when he struggles to get past the introductions part and strikes a conversation with him about a comic book series they like. She also makes a brief appearance in "X" where she asks if Mike will be at the Si-Fi Convention.

In Quake, Amanda brings her up when staking out an antiques shop with Owen and Amanda, asking Owen what Mike sees in her.

Her and Mike eventually go out on a date and she kisses him in the episode "Frostbite". However Mike and her are not an official couple yet until later on.

Season 2

Julie has to move and breaks up with Mike in the episode "Flint Forster."

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