Julie and Mike
are currently good friends. In the episode DollHouse Mike and Julie meet. In Quake, Mike asks Amanda advice about asking out a girl he likes. Amanda tells him to give it a shot thinking it was about her. However, it was really about Julie.

Julie's Opinion of Mike

It is hinted at the end of Dollhouse that she might be interested in Mike as she brightly greets him while reading a comic. She acts patient when he struggles to get past the introductions part and strikes a conversation with him about a comic book series they like. She also makes a brief appearance in "X" where she asks if Mike will be at the Si-Fi Convention.



Amanda apologizes to Mike and Owen stating that she can't stay for their study group long because she plans to catch up with Cameron after skipping their last date. Mike tells her to take her time and Amanda thanks him with a surprised look on her face before leaving to find Cameron. Owen congratulates him on moving on and a classmate of theirs named Julie walks by and greets Mike by his name. Mike runs after her at Owen's urging and they awkwardly start chatting about their names and finally find a common interest in a type of comic book.


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