Jellyface posing as Mikes dad

Jellyface is the eigth documented villain faced by the Supah Ninjas, and is one of the most clever villains they've ever faced. Jellyface commits crime with the use of Plasma 17, a restricted gel which immediately forms into a perfect resemblance of anyone who touches it. Jellyface uses these guidelines to construct costumes, and uses these for whatever nefarious purposes he desires.

Jellyface's true identity is Franklin (Frankie) Fellows, one of Martin Fukanaga's first big arrests as a police officer, and he has risen again to take the ultimate revenge on those who were responsible for his incarceration. These men are Martin Fukanaga, his old friend Reggie, the mayor of Empire City, and an attorney who was presumably responsible for the conviction. Jellyface got both the attorney and Reggie arrested by creating likenesses of them with the Plasma and then committing crimes so that the real men would get arrested. He planned to kill Martin and the mayor by kidnapping them and tying them up in a clock tower at city hall, where an enormous celebration is being held in honor of the conviction of Fellows himself. However, the Ninjas foil the attempt by busting in in the nick of time, with Owen and Amanda stopping the bomb and Mike taking on Jellyface (disguised as Martin Fukanaga as a cover), ultimately defeating him.


Jellyface soon returns and disguises himself as Mike and gets him a detention for destroying school property. He also somehow knows who the ninjas are. The ninjas find out that someone in detention is Jellyface after figuring out he broke out of jail. Owen and Amanda find out that Jellyface is posing as Mike when he admits to falling asleep because of Study group (which is really when there fighting bad guys). Jellyface proposes moving study group to lunch because he doesn't know study group isn't really studying. They find the real Mike and defeat Jellyface.

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