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General Information
Season 1
Episode Jelly Face
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Original Airdate June 4, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Alex Winter
Writer(s) Lon Diamond
Viewers (millions)
Villain Jellyface
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Jelly Face is the 8th episode of Season 1.


An escaped jewel thief robs a bank disguised as the attorney general. He runs into the real attorney general and swaps bags with him in the scuffle. Once the police arrive on the scene, they are baffled when they arrest the real attorney general for bank robbery. Mike, Owen, and Amanda are getting tired of Mike's cousin Connor catching them in the middle of embarrassing acts with his video camera, saying that they just got 'Conn'd.' He films Mike dancing in his towel and making up a chant with his last name before Mike threatens him with a "conncussion" if the video gets posted to the Internet.

The ninjas are introduced to Martin's police comrades one night during a poker night. One of them is Mike's uncle who immediately inquires if Mike and Amanda are dating. Both sputter that they are merely friends and that there's nothing going on between them aside from the friendship. Martin mentions the recent robbery to Mike who decides to check out another possible location up for robbery. While staking out the area, they come face to face with Mike's uncle who aggressively fights them and escapes, but not before Mike throws a shruiken at his ear and scrapes off a sample of Plasma 17.

The team looks into the individuals being targeted and realize that they all aided in the capture of Franklin Fellows, a notorious jewel thief. They find out that he has been using Plasma 17 to mold his face to those of the individuals who sent him to prison. Mike figures out that his father is next and acts suspicious when he arrives home to be greeted by the thief, disguised as his father.

The ninjas hurry to town hall to save the mayor from Franklin and are forced to face off against the disguised Franklin and Martin Fukanaga. Mike throws his shuriken and instructs his real father to take the mayor to safety. After a difficult battle, Mike, Owen, and Amanda exit with the use of smoke balls to cloak their escape from the scene.

At the end of the episode, the ninjas visit Connor to try to make him feel welcome in Empire City. However, Connor tells them that it is dinner time and that he has to go. Once he closes the door, it is shown that the room he is in, is empty except for a chair and crate. He then utters that the trio have just been 'Conn'd.'



  • This episode aired along with Komodo in a one hour special.
  • Mike's uncle comments on Amanda and Mike finding each other as boyfriend and girlfriend while the two sputter and deny that it is strictly a friendship. However the two look at one another and deny it but are probably hiding their relationship being more than just friends. Interestingly, Amanda does not seem to act like she has Cameron as a boyfriend as she did in the end of Komodo. But this is so because this episode was before in production order compared to that episode.