Hologramps is the name by which Owen playfully refers to Grandfather Fukanaga, which Mike and Amanda always call him. Owen was able to come up with this nickname right on his feet, having made it up the first time he addressed Grandfather by an actual name. However, his true name is probably Anthony because in the episode "The Ishina Strike Back", his brother refers to him as Anthony. Hologramps used to protect the "The Floating Sword".

Although he rarely mentions it, Hologramps or (Grandfather Fukanaga) has a twin brother, Kagema. Grandfather Fukanaga is ashamed of revealing what Kagema has done for the fukanaga family, which was betraying the family. Grandather Fukanaga never told Mike, Owen, and Amanda of Kagema's existence. Mike, Owen, and Amanda finally find out after they confront him.


  • "Hologramps" is a combination of the two words "hologram," which is a person or object of any kind depicted three dimensionally, typically portrayed as a staticky, often pale blue synthesis, and "gramps," which is a highly condensed form of the work "grandfather" reached by going through "grandpa," then "grampa," then "gramps."