Just think of me as neighborhood watch.


I thought they would never leave.



Frostbites real idenity is William Block. Frostbite and his family owned an ice cream company but him and his family were robbed and locked in a freezer until the police found them. All of his family died of frostbite and he lost one of his fingers. Since then to get revenge on the criminals that did him wrong  he catches criminals and freezes them. Next he takes them to his ice cream factory. He is defeated by Amanda McKay after he tries to freeze her with his freeze gun. 


Amanda: You just got frostbite.


  • His weapon is a freeze gun that he carries around and freezes people with.
  • Mike and Julie have their first date.
  • Amanda captures her first villain on her own.
  • During Amanda and Mike's training for Mike's date Amanda says that if a girl touches your hand she likes you. Right after Amanda does this to Mike showing that she like likes him.
  • Julie kisses Mike after their date.
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