Flint Forster
General Information
Gender Male
Age 15-17
Family Unknown
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Anti-hero, hero and student
Status Alive
First Appearance "Flint Forster"
Last Appearance "Spring Fling"

Flint Forster is an anti-hero that steals from the rich and gives to charity, kind of like Robin Hood. Flint has a whole group that helps him. He seems to have an interest in Amanda. He leaves Amanda his necklace before escaping. Flint and Amanda will meet again at a debate and connect in "Finding Forster,". She teaches him to fight bad guys. She also finds out that he is rich and goes to a private school.  He finds out Amanda's real identity. They meet again in "Spring Fling". He asks her to the dance and if she would go to Paris with him for the summer. She rejects him. He finds out Owen and Mike's real identities.


Flint wears a brown shirt and a black jacket on top with a hood that covers his eyes when he is undercover. He carries a bow and arrow and has a tattoo on his wrist which has the letter FF, his initials, in a bow.                                                               


  • He is similar to Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

Episode Appearences