Enter the Dojo
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General Information
Season 2
Episode 34/38
Production Number 208
Original Airdate April 6, 2013
Episode Information
Director(s) Unknown
Writer(s) Unknown
Viewers (millions) Unknown
Villain Two-Ton Harley
Episode Guide
"The Ishina Strike Back"
"Finding Forster"

Enter the Dojo is the eighth episode of Supah Ninjas, Season Two. It aired on April 6, 2013.


After the dojo is destroyed, the Ninjas bring in Quentin (Kid Q) to fix it; Quinton overstays his welcome and gets the ninjas into trouble. The police start to think that the ninjas are villains when they beat up some clerks who they thought were attcking Quinton. It turns out they just overcharged him. Quinton accidently lets Two Ton Harley out of prison. He thought the ninjas wanted to face off against their biggest enemy. The ninjas with the help of Martin capture Two Ton Harley. Martin is declared an honorary ninja and swears to clear the ninjas name after they explain that it was a accident that they beat up the clerks. At the end of the episode they are mad at Quinton for messing up there weapons but they forgive him because he restores Yamato and is making progress.[1]



  • Owen, Mike, and Amanda reveal their true identities to Quinton.