Dr. Eternum's goal is to switch peoples personality form evil to good by using the zodiac symbol for the twins "Gemini". Gemini are two twins and in this case the two are good and evil. Dr. Eternum finds out about the ninjas from Checkmate and sends for them to come to him. He sends for them by having one of the ex-inmates write ninja in Japanese kanji. He finds the ninjas and makes his guards get them so he can hypnotizes them too. Mike and Owen manage to escape before they are caught. Dr. Eternum captures Mike though and hypnotizes him to be evil and good.When he finally captures Owen and Amanda he has Mike attack them thinking that he is hypnotized. Mike however isn't effected by the hypnosis it might be because Amanda turned the power off early. The ninjas defeat him and his guards. He is then sent to jail.


The machine he uses to hypnotise the people, his guards, and the word "Gemini".


He has no power without any of his technology or guards. He fights with his hand but is captured afterwards. 

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