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Season 1
Episode Dollhouse
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Original Airdate June 25, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) David Jackson
Writer(s) Leo Chu & Eric S. Garcia
Viewers (millions) 2.6 Million
Villain Dollhouse
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"Jelly Face"

Dollhouse is the 9th episode of Season 1 and of Supah Ninjas overall.


The episode begins with two police officers chasing a criminal down the street and into a blind alley. The crook drops the bag he stole, turns to face the officers, and consults with a doll dressed like him as to what he should do. Suddenly, he shoots two tranquilizer darts at the bewildered officers and knocks them out before declaring that he can now add policemen to his collection.

Mike and Owen are tied together in the secret dojo as part of a teamwork lesson which turns disastrous, resulting in Yamato untying them to prevent them from turning blue. Amanda comes in and warns them that she'll be gone for the rally at the basketball game and a pizza date with Cameron. Mike, becoming irritated with her bringing up Cameron once more, tries to convince her that she is needed for a mission tonight. When she demands to know if there really is a clear reason why she needs to cancel her plans, Mike backs down and bluffs that he and Owen are going to have an awesome night without her. The latter comment makes Owen and Hologramps question whether Mike is okay or not.

Mike searches for the cheesy chips in the snack cupboard while Owen hints that he knows Mike is really pining for Amanda and not the chips. He then advises Mike that sometimes its best to let go of something when you know you can't change it. Martin walks in and tells the two that his two co-workers went missing last

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night and the only they've found is a sample of hair at the scene. Amanda pulls Kelly aside before the rally to grab her sweater from her locker at school. They talk about Cameron and how cute he is until they are approached by a stranger in a band uniform. He comments to his similarly dressed doll that since he's in band, two cheerleaders probably wouldn't talk to him. Kelly singles him out as just a loser band geek while Amanda tries to see if he's familiar. He then shoots tranquilizer darts at the pair, knocking Kelly out and the other dart grazing Amanda's shoulder. Amanda tries to fight the strange band "student" but the effects of the dart start to take their toll on her. In the scuffle, a scrap of the doll's hair lands on the floor by her body. The next scene shoots to Amanda and Kelly placed on doll background boards with twist-ties around their wrists, arms and legs. The strange man, now dressed in a doctor's uniform, places a collar around Amanda's neck, activates it, and she awakens acting like a perky, stereotypical cheerleader.

Later, Mike and Owen head to their high school to look for Amanda at Cameron's urging. Mike grumbles about Cameron texting him like they are buddies as it is getting on his nerves while Owen demands to go home as school creeps him out at night. Mike finds Amanda's open locker and the scrap of hair close by, telling Owen that it looks like the hair Martin found at the crime scene. They take the hair back and almost give up when the scanner doesn't recognize it as human or any type of animal. Then Mike remembers something and runs off to grab it. Owen asks Hologramps what he does when they are away and Hologramps tells him online poker. Mike returns with a horse doll named Cedric and states that the sample they found is doll hair, the same as his horse doll made by Spiel Macher, a retired toy company.

The two ninjas make their way to the closed toy factory and find a large dollhouse at the back. Both of them try to study the house from the outside when the house swings open to reveal the inner rooms of the house. They quickly find Kelly and Amanda upstairs practicing an energetic cheer and climb up to meet them. Both of them act surprised to see them and giggle that two cute ninja boys are there. Mike realizes that the collars on their necks are controlling them to act differently and prompts Owen to help him get the collars off. They attempt to make a move to remove them when the girls suddenly punch them in the gut and quickly apologize with big smiles. Owen tries to reason that they should keep the collars on as Kelly actually finds him cute under the collar's control. The two girls then pull both boys to dance to a fast song then a slower one. Mike then tells Amanda that he's been crazy about her since the 5th grade. She acts giddy to hear the news and he tries to convince her to leave the dollhouse to head back but she insists that they are fine here.

Mike and Owen are dragged to dinner and watch as Amanda and Kelly interact with the other brainwashed individuals at the table of plastic food. The strange man joins the table dressed as a postman and removes his collar, claiming that he had a faulty collar and can help them escape. Mike, Owen, Amanda, and Kelly follow him to the workshop where he shoots tranquilizer darts at both of them, telling the two ninjas that he is Dollhouse. Both wake up to find themselves attached to doll background boards and Dollhouse attaches a collar around Owen's neck and edits it when he doesn't like the set ninja personality that is first demonstrated. Mike talks to him about his love of Spiel Macher toys and how they mean a lot to him which convinces Dollhouse to not program him too. He then offers to play with Dollhouse for once and the villain accepts.

Mike is forced into a chair by the controlled police officers next Amanda and Kelly. Amanda tells him that she's never had a ninja boyfriend before and that she wants to be with him. Mike tries calling her by her name and she stares blankly at him, unaware that he is referring to her. He tells her that as much as he's like the relationship to happen, it isn't real and he can't have it happen. Dollhouse emerges wearing a Roman caesar costume and informs Mike that he will be controlling Owen against his two Roman soldiers. Mike struggles to get Owen to fight at first but then figures it out and is able to fight the soldiers. A frustrated Dollhouse overrides Mike's controller because he is losing and Owen turns against him, along with the Roman soldiers. Mike fights all three of them as best as he can before dashing into a room in the dollhouse. He locks the door and realizes that Dollhouse is none other than the son of the family who owned the Spiel Macher Toy Company. Dollhouse bursts through the door, asking Mike to not touch his miniature of the large scale dollhouse. Mike tries to convince Dollhouse that he can't control other people like this, but Dollhouse shoots darts at Mike, resulting in Mike dodging one and catching the other. He throws it back and Dollhouse falls onto his miniature, knocked unconscious. Mike uses the master remote control to restore Amanda and Owen back to normal and tells them that he'll tell the whole story later.

Amanda apologizes to Mike and Owen stating that she can't stay for their study group long because she plans to catch up with Cameron after skipping their last date. Mike tells her to take her time and Amanda thanks him with a surprised look on her face before leaving to find Cameron. Owen congratulates him on moving on and a classmate of theirs named Julie walks by and greets Mike by his name. Mike runs after her at Owen's urging and they awkwardly start chatting about their names and finally find a common interest in a type of comic book.



  • Mike shows feelings for Amanda but then says it's not the real her because she was controlled by Dollhouse.
  • Mike starts to have feelings for Julie in this episode.
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