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DJ Elephant Head
General Information
Season 1
Episode 14/38
Production Number 106
Original Airdate October 1, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Clark Mathis
Writer(s) David Ihlenfeld and Dave Wright
Viewers (millions) 2.3
Villain School DJ
Episode Guide
"Morningstar Academy"

DJ Elephant Head is the fourteenth episode of Season One and of Supah Ninjas overall.


The kids attend a concert at school, where they are shocked to learn their favorite DJ is really a villain.The DJ plays a song that puts everyone to sleep to steal a diamond, so its up to Owen to figure out what's going on.To do so, he needs to understand what his dreams mean. In the end Mike Amanda and Owen defeat him and save everyone at Benjamin Rush High. The school DJ is played by Ryan Higa. Original Air Date: Oct 1, 2011[1]



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  • Ryan Higa plays DJ Elephant head in this episode.
  • He really seems to JB "Defalt" Marcowicz from Watch Dogs : Both are DJs, and both have animal-like masks.
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