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Cousin Connor
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General Information
Season 1
Episode 25/38
Production Number 126
Original Airdate January 28, 2012
Episode Information
Director(s) Jonathan Judge
Writer(s) Leo Chu and Eric S. Garcia
Viewers (millions) 2.0
Villain Cousin Connor
Episode Guide
"Ninja Intervention"
"The Con Man"

Cousin Connor is the 26th episode and season finale of Season One of Supah Ninjas. It first aired on January 28, 2012 and earned 2.0 million viewers on its premiere night.


Mike's cousin, Connor, returns to Empire City to obtain the floating sword and set up a trap to the ninjas. Mike discovers Connor's identity as an Ishina. He also discovers that his grandfather's twin brother who has betrayed the Fukanagas and has now returned to lead the Ishina. In a fight with Connor, Mike loses his mon to him, and the episode ends with Connor inserting the mon into the Supah Ninjas' dojo entrance in Mike's bedroom and it opens up in front of him with Mike, Amanda, Owen and Hologramps looking in despair. Throughout the episode, Mike is getting upset, thinking that Amanda and Owen have a thing for each other, after Connor told him they are into each other. Connor told Owen that Amanda bleaches her hair, and he told Amanda that Owen likes her.



  • Conner spreads lie's about Mike Owen and Amanda so they'll think differently about one another.