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General Information
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Family Father, mother, Hologramps (uncle), Kagema Fukanaga (uncle)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Ethnicity Japanese
Occupation Student/Ishina Ninja
Status Alive
First Appearance "Mr. Bradford"
Last Appearance "The Floating Sword"

Connor is Mike's cousin. He is the leader of the Ishina clan, who are a bunch of ninjas that crusades against the Fukanaga clan. Connor is Mikes cousin and one of the leader of the Ishina. He lives a double life. He is very good at combat as a ninja and he is always hanging around Mike, Amanda, and Owen. The ninjas find him annoying and always try to ditch him everywhere they go or when Mike's dad leaves him with them. Connor originally thinks that Mikes dad is a ninja but soon discovers Mike, Owen, and Amanda are actually the ninjas. He is obsessed with finding the Floating Sword. It is seen on the season finale that Connor has Mike's necklace and opens the dojo. Connor will probably be the main villain of the Supah Ninjas. The ninjas soon find out Connor is with the Ishina.  He and the Ishina are after the floating sword. Mike and Connor fight but Connor disappears with his grandfather taking away Mike's mon necklace. He goes into the dojo and begins to look for the Floating Sword. He begins to be trapped by the gates which begin to close and reopen rapidly. Amanda begins to fight him but Connor runs away when Mike lets the sewer smell in. The ninjas find him again and begin to battle but stop when Connor needs his inhaler. Connor tells them that he needs the floating sword to rescue his parents. It turns out to be a lie because while entering a building Connor betrays the ninjas to fight with the Ishina. He admits his parents are being held hostage by the Ishina. The ninjas defeat the Ishina and put Conor in a box that ships him all the way to Madagascar. Like Mike he also has a mon but instead of it being sliver it is gold with the Ishina symbol on it. After the fight he was sent to Madagascar in a shipping crate.


  • Mike- He is Connor's cousin. Mike didn't know that Connor was part of the Ishina until in episode Cousin Connor where they became enemies. Before so, Mike finds Connor very annoying along with Amanda and Owen.
  • Martin- He is Connor's uncle. Martin doesn't know that Connor is part of the Ishina and gets surprised when Connor appears out of nowhere at certain times.
  • Owen- Connor was once good friends with Owen until Owen finds out that Connor is evil.
  • Amanda- He calls Amanda "jalepeno." When she finds out that Connor is part of the Ishina, she was very surprised that someone so little like him could be so evil. Conner has a major crush on her too.
  • Kagema- Connor works for him as an Ishina warrior. It is unknown why Connor works for his great uncle.



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