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General Information
Season 2
Episode Cheer Fever
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Original Airdate March 16, 2013 [1]
Episode Information
Director(s) Dave Payne
Writer(s) Ray Lancon
Viewers (millions)
Villain Kylie Coors
Episode Guide
"Kid Q"
"The Ishina Strike Back"

Cheer Fever is the sixth in season two of Supah Ninjas. It aired March 16, 2013.


During Sprit week, a rival cheerleader named Kylie visits Benjamn Rush. Amanda knows Kylie because during cheer camp Kylie stole money form them and her favortie headband. Kylie was told on by Amanda and tooken to jail. Now that shes back shes the cheer captain of another team. Owen and Mike go undercover as cheerleaders and find out she plans to rob a bank. It turns out Kylie tricked them and is really trying to blow up the gym and blame it on Amanda. Amanda defeats her. [2]



  • Amanda Owen and Mike make a bet.
  • Amanda's cheerleader past is talked about in this episode.