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"Game on Ninjas"

Checkmate, "Checkmate (Episode)

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General Information
Gender Male
Age 30s-40s
Family Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity American
Occupation Criminal
Status Alive
First Appearance Checkmate (Episode)
Last Appearance Eternum

Checkmate is a super mastermind who makes chess related clues and traps all over Empire city. His real name is Nicholias Spaski and was once a chess champion as a kid but in one round his opponent refused to quit when Nicholias was in a difficult move. This moment sent him into a mental breakdown, which resulted in him causing his appoinent to "dissapear". From that day on he has been challenging people to a game of puzzles which almost every time resulting in him winning and the opponent losing. Checkmate was finally defeated on his giant chess board by Amanda when she refused to play on, which upset him and he threatened to kill Mike and Owen for not playing, but Mike escaped and beat him up. After one finally attempt to escape Mike grapple hooked him before he could parachute away. He is then seen again in the episode "Eternum". He is a inmate in the prison. Mike is captured by the doctor and about to be hypnotized and the only way to save him is to release all the prisoners by pulling the switch that checkmate told Amanda about but that will release checkmate too. She ends up doing so and Checkmate leaves with "Game on, ninjas!" written on the glass window. This is foreshadowing that he may return.


Checkmate uses puzzles and game chess pieces to trick all of his opponents. 


His weakness is losing. Losing causes him to be powerless and break down. 


  • He is the only villain seen twice in Season 1.
  • Like The Rhymer, he shares some similarities with the Batman villain, The Riddler:
    • He mainly commits crimes to prove his superiority
    • He leaves clues to his crimes
    • His crimes mainly focus on puzzles