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General Information
Season 1
Episode 4/38
Production Number 103
Original Airdate April 30, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Clark Mathis
Writer(s) Leo Chu and Eric S. Garcia
Viewers (millions) 2.1
Villain Checkmate
Episode Guide
"Two Ton Harley"

Checkmate is the fourth episode of Season One and of Supah Ninjas.


The episode opens on a giant chessboard where a detective is playing a life-sized version of chess with a man in white, his name is revealed to be (Nicolais Spaski) Checkmate, he encourages Detective Schmidt to move but the detective claims he has him, which causes Checkmate to compliment him on is attitude and his hat, the detective thinks its a trick. When he tries to make a move but ends up falling through the board. Checkmate then picks up his hat, claiming he wins again and has lied about the hat, he then throws it as he laughs evilly.

The scene then goes to the dojo where Amanda is trying to pick the right weapon, she begins with a pair of tessen, but moves on to a pair of sai, she has been fighting for hours, the reason, she revealed, was that she recieved an A-minus on her Biology test and she thinks it will cause her parents to make her drop cheerleading, Owen finds it as a "classic case of overachievingness". Hologramps reassures her that "the road to perfection has no destination." Amanda then picks out a pair of tonfa sticks that she handles well, she then decides to make them her weapon, as she says they're like pompoms, only deadly.

The three then leave the dojo, excited for when they become ninjas that same night, but Mike's dad comes in and they have to quickly hide the dojo's entrance by sitting on Mike's bed. Martin notices Amanda and says how he and Mike had "the talk" which causes Amanda and Owen to refer to the time their parents had the talk with them. Martin then explains how he's working on the case on Checkmate and the disappearance of Detective Schmidt (the detective in the beginning), Owen then grabs the evidence, which is a rook, and opens it to find a note that says Be7# which Mike explains stands for Checkmate, Martin then sees his point and leaves, Owen then thinks he figured it out and Amanda and Mike get off the bed, causing Owen to be crushed by it.

The three are then seen in the dojo where they use the coordinate on the chessboard to match the ones in the city, they then decide Checkmate must be hiding at the City Armory, as a rook is a fortress. The three head over to find nothing, Owen looks out the window to find a sign that says "road run nut" Amanda thinks its an anagram where they need to scramble the letters to find the answer; after goofing off,  Owen suggests it could be "turn around" and they hear Checkmate behind them, who is surprised to find ninjas and not police, Mike orders to know what he did with the Detective, Checkmate reveals they had a "falling out" and how the ninjas might be different, Mike refuses to play his games but Checkmate reveals they already are, he explains how he is going to detonate a bomb that is going off in ten minutes that the ninjas must find. Mike then tries to attack Checkmate but it is revealed to be a decoy, leaving another rook behind, Owen opens it, but it is revealed to be sleeping gas, as the other two look at the unconscious Owen, Checkmate's voice is heard saying "Game on Ninjas!". Amanda wakes up Owen by slapping him, Owen says some crazy things revealing the gas made him hallucinate. The three then go look for the bomb and come across the a part where there are two rows of men with horse heads. They then come to life and the ninjas battle them, with the exception of Owen who begins to beat up a statue of a king.

Mike then finds the horsemen are robots and tells Amanda to aim for the heads, they defeat the men, and Owen has officially snapped out of his hallucination. Mike then explains they actually resemble knights, and in an infamous chess game called the Round Table Game, four knights are taken out and the winner becomes the queen. The three then find a statue of a queen, Mike then find the bomb is inside the stand when he smashes it open, Amanda explains they need to cut the green wire but only to find they are all green wires. Amanda cuts a random one, but it makes the timer count down faster, she tries to find the right one but Owen says it is not the time for "overachievingness" and the boys drag Amanda away just as the timer goes off and the armory explodes.

The three are seen back at the dojo, all with minor burns but very much alive, Amanda scolds herself for almost getting the three of them killed and stating she must get it right, Hologramps asks for who, her parents or herself. She accepts it was for herself, and Hologramps explains there is no such thing as perfection, Mike then says they still need to stop Checkmate, and Hologramps suggests they need to "play the player" and Mike remembers Nicholias Spaski who won the infamous Round table Game, where in the last round his opponent vanished and the same thing happened to Spaski, which causes Mike to realize Checkmate is Spaski. The ninjas then look at the board again to find Checkmate is the white king. The three head to the hideout where they fall through the roof and Checkmate, who is sitting on top of a giant rook, welcomes them to their final match.

The ninjas try to attack him only to find a force field, Checkmate then says one of them must be a finalist, a wheel comes out that has three colors on it, red, green and black. The wheel spins, and he throws each ninja a chess piece, each resembling their accomplishments in his previous game, Owen gets a red rook, Mike gets a green knight, and Amanda doesn't open her hand yet. The wheel lands on black and Amanda opens her hand revealing a black queen, Checkmate isn't surprised at this and Owen and Mike fall through the floor, Amanda then goes up in an elevator to the same giant chessboard from the beginning of the episode, Mike and Owen's wrists have been bound with thick chains to vertical poles attached to platforms that are held up by five metal stubs. Checkmate explains that every time she makes a foul move, a metal stub will slide in on each platform, eventually causing the two to fall to their doom.

Amanda makes two wrong moves the first time and Owen begins to encourage "overachievingness", but Amanda realizes over-achievement is what she doesn't need to win the game, so when she is about to make a moves she goes back on the square and tells Checkmate she concedes, this angers Checkmate and says she's ruining the game, during this rant, Mike begins to free himself from his bonds. Amanda then tells him "The point of the game is not to win, nobody's perfect." this causes Checkmate to make all the stubs slide in on both Mike and Owen's poles, Mike runs off as he has successfully freed himself and Amanda saves Owen by sliding her tonfas ticks into the platform holding up Owen, she then goes to free him while Mike takes out Checkmate. He attempts to escape via parachute but is quickly caught by Owen's grappling hook, defeating him.

The next day, Mik and Martin play chess and Martin explains he got an anonymous call regarding Checkmate, Mike pretends he doesn't know who made it, Martin then makes a successful move and says "Booyah! King me!" but Mike explains that's checkers and not to say "Booyah!" Martin agrees, looking embarrassed as the episode ends.



  • Toward the end of the episode, Checkmate states "I never lose.", which hints a return, which does happen in the episode "Eternum".