Mike Fukanaga is quiet, a little shy and a bit of an outsider at his high school. So the last person he would've tapped to boost his popularity was his Gramps -- after all, he did pass away years ago. But when he discovers a portal to a ninja dungeon & his Grandpa ready to train him as a hologram, his world is turned upside down. He teams up with his best friend Owen to form the Supah Ninjas. Through ninja-hood Mike learns a thing or two about leadership, friendship and maybe even love. Oh, and he also has a motto: "Ain't no party like a Fukanaga party, cause a Fukanaga party don't stop!"
Mike's best friend and side kick, Owen Reynolds has Mike's back no matter what. Whether it's duking it out in the cafeteria or fighting side-by-side against a mega villain, Owen is there for Mike. As the class clown on campus, Owen's always cracking jokes and making people laugh. But don't write him off just as a comedian, 'cause this Supah Ninja has a few tricks up his sleeves.
Amanda Mckay has it all. As Miss Popular of her high school, she's the girl that every guy wants and the girl that every girl wants to be. But don't let her pretty girl looks fool ya -- she's not just your every day cheerleader. Keep an eye on this girl, 'cause you're about to find out that looks can be deceiving and this blondie is one girl you don't wanna mess with.
Grandpa -- a.k.a "Hologramps" -- left Mike with the key to an underground world of stealthy ninjas. As a hologram, he guides the Supah Ninjas through rigorous training and tries to teach the teenagers the tricks of being super crime-fighting heroes. As the conscience and spiritual leader of the team, Hologramps is the core and heart of this group.