I don't get it, why don't you want me? I'm handsome.

Cameron, "Detention"


Cameron Vanhauser comes from a very wealthy family. His father is the owner of Empire condominiums. He was introduced in the episode "Komodo". He apparently knows Amanda and is back from a al boys school in London.  Cameron isn't very fond of his father. He is captured by Komodo but rescued by the ninjas. He starts dating Amanda and proves to be a little bit of the jealous type when he starts to think Amanda has feelings for Owen in the episode "The Magnificient". Then in "Morningstar Academy" He and Amanda break up after he says that she isn't spontaneous. Then in "Detention" Cameron appears and has lost it. He stops taking care of himself and wants Amanda back. Amanda tells him that he'll find the right girl but it isn't her. 


Cameron is nice and thoughtful but clueless at times. He proves to never give up on Amanda when he asks Kelly how to win her back.


Amanda McKay

Amanda and Cameron go out for a while but he is dumped by Amanda after saying she isn't spontaneous and that he wants to see the spontaneous side os her. He tells her that he wants her back in "Detention" but is rejected and told to move on to someone else by Amanda.

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