"He is, after all, the son of my beloved sister, Akemo."

Grandfather Fukanaga

Akemo Fukanaga has only ever been mentioned twice on the series, once as being the mother of Conor Fukanaga, revealed recently to be the leader of the Ishina ninjas, and a second time by Conor asking her if dinner was ready at their new apartment, which he only did to trick Mike, Owen, and Amanda into thinking that he could not hang out with them. Given the fact that a sibling of Grandfather Fukanaga's has only recently come into immediate play, Akemo might be mentioned at some point later in the series, although that is currently unknown.

Relationship with other characters

Grandfather Fukanaga

Not a lot can be said about the relationship between Grandfather Fukanaga and Akemo yet, as she has only ever been mentioned once, but Grandfather has referred to her as his "beloved sister," implying a cordial relationship between them.

Connor Fukanaga

Akemo happens to be the mother of Conor, and therefore may be mentioned more often because Conor, being the field leader of the Ishina, is quite a critical character to the series. If Conor's true identity is a secret strictly between the Ishina and his mysterious uncle, it is likely that Conor has a perfectly normal relationship with his mother.

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